Terms and Conditions

For responsible and efficient service delivery, we request our clients to agree to these terms and conditions, which facilitate smooth relations between Enventivo and our clients:

Data Confidentiality

We keep all client data confidential and we do not provide it to third parties. Enventivo does not send unsolicited mail to its clients. All communication with clients via email is for commissioned services and includes solicited content.

Termination of Services and Refunds

Either party can seek to terminate the service agreement at any stage by citing the reason for termination. If we terminate the service during a project, we shall not refund the amount paid for services already performed. Amounts paid in advance for services yet to be performed will however be refunded to the client.

In case of a project delayed due to the fault of the company, we will reimburse the client up to 90% of the amount paid.

We will charge an additional amounts for services requested after work on the commissioned service has begun. 

Disclaimer Policy

Enventivo offers services on an ‘as is’ basis. The company is only liable to the extent of warranties and claims made with regard to the services of Enventivo only. It does not bear any responsibility for claims made by third party content or service providers on the Enventivo website. 

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the client assumes responsibility for any damage or loss that occurs to the client’s computer, data, software and programs during the execution of the service contract. The company will not be held responsible for these and similar direct or indirect damages. 

At the same time, the company acknowledges responsibility under law for any loss or damage to the client that arises because of negligence by the company or its employees acting in a professional capacity. 

Website Activity Monitoring Policy

We track IP addresses of visitors to study browsing and usage patterns as well as to collect demographic data of visitors. We also monitor activity to ensure smooth administration and facilitate troubleshooting of the website but do not include personal information of visitors. The information usually collected for this purpose includes access times, referral URLs, and web browser. All information collected under this policy is remains confidential and we only share it in line with these terms and the Privacy Policy. We only share information after obtaining permission from the owner.

Revision of Terms

We advise clients to visit the website regularly for alerts about changes in terms and policies as the company may revise the terms from time to time as per business needs. All proposed changes or revisions to the Privacy Policy are on the Enventivo website at least 30 days in advance from the date of enforcement. 

Similarly, clients receive notifications about changes in the personal data and information use policy. By continuing to use the Enventivo, you signify your acceptance of the revised terms and policies.