Privacy Policy

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Enventivo follows a watertight policy to ensure the security of your personal information while using it for legitimate business purposes. Read the following   sections to find out how we use your personal information.

How we collect and use your personal information
Over the course of our dealing with clients, we collect information about their: 

  • Business name, postal address, phone and email contacts
  • Nature of business, organization size, workforce size
  • Website usage history and preferred services
  • Website address and IP details
  • Browser supporting the website
  • Operating system used to access the website

We use information collected about you to achieve the following objectives: 

  • Complete your order delivery
  • Email you an order confirmation notice
  • Evaluate your needs and make professional suggestions
  • Inform you regularly about new services and programs
  • Respond to maintenance and troubleshooting requests
  • Maintain your exclusive account regularly
  • Dispatch approved promotional material including service catalogues and newsletters
  • Reply to miscellaneous requests received through email

If you do not want to receive promotional messages and publications from Creative Key Solutions, you can simply do so by emailing to us at

Use of Information by Third Parties

Enventivo safeguards the integrity and confidentiality of your information and we do not sell it to third party organizations. However, according to legitimate business practices, we share relevant details with shipping companies and other partners who help us serve our clients.

We are also compelled customers to share information when required by law to do so. This helps us to guard our interests against fraudulent activities and ensure the safety of our clients. 

Policy on Cookies and Widgets

Although we sometimes use cookies to learn about your preferred websites to offer you relevant services, we do not exploit personal or confidential information. We manage data obtained through cookies via an independent agency, which analyzes the data and provides us the results in statistical form.

We also use widgets on our website, which display third party content such as news or music. These widgets collect your email address and we may install cookies on your computer to run properly. Our website features publicly accessible blogs and any information you post is accessible to other visitors.

Amendments to Privacy Policy

We update any change in the official privacy policy on the “Terms and Conditions” page.

Affiliate Websites

You will often find links on our website to affiliate websites. We recommend that our clients read the privacy policy of each affiliate, as these are likely to be different from the privacy policy of Enventivo. This is important to ensure that you are aware of how we use your personal information.


While we take all steps to ensure the safety of your data, we respond responsibly and promptly when errors do occur. Notify us immediately on when you suspect any breach. It is also recommendable that you read the privacy policies before finalizing a purchase. You can also notify us of any change in your profile at the same email address.